Crazy Bus

Swingin’ Bus Ride!
People will love climbing inside the brightly-painted car for a wild and swervy ride! Hop onto the bus for a wacky ride made just for your smallest thrill seekers to enjoy.

Dragon Coaster

Fly With the Dragon!
Get hypnotized with the speed, drop, twists and turns on the most favorite ride of Sindbad’s Wonderland! Have you ever flown on the back of a dragon? This is your opportunity!

Log Slide

Splash the Heat!
Here’s one ride that’s sure to cool you off on a hot summer day. Plunge down into a soaking splash on Log Slide! Only one question remains: There’s only one way to find out.

Disco Star

Whirlwind of Fun!
High speed thrills as you spin around like a disco ball on the Disco Star. Hold on tight, as the whole world starts to rotate around you, so fast you can’t even move.

Drop Tower

Conquer your Acrophobia!
This new, thrilling, faster-than-gravity drop ride will be the highpoint of your Sindbad’s Wonderland voyage! Drop Tower is an exhilarating vertical free fall drop ride.

Pirate Ship

Aye AyeCaptain!
Be tossed like a ship in a perfect storm. Come aboard an epic adventure and thrill on the Pirate Ship! Whether you are a seafarer or not, you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to climb around, on our Pirate Ship.

Space Station

The Universe is Calling!
Venture into space to explore the wonders of the universe from the Sindbad’s Space Station.The Space Station offers flying fun for all ages, especially for the little guys! Select your seat, then it’s 3-2-1-liftoff!

Fun Go Round

Horse Carriage Carousel!
Choose a seat or ride a horse that ‘gallops’ as the ride spins. Young and old alike will have a great time on our Fun Go Round!

Hells Angels

Vroom Vroom, Off We Go!
We all go vrrrr room boom boom on Hells Angels! Mini motorbike ride for the little ones! Rev your engine and get ready to cruise around and around on a warm summer’s evening on our motorbike ride!


Ride With Sindbad!
The destination of these miniature ladybugs is limited only by your imagination! Little riders will find the gentle movement of Sindbad to be the perfect start to their adventures.


Bump And Run!
Race, bump and go wackadoo! You never know who you’ll run into on Bump N Go! Crash into your competition and rev up for a round of classic bumper cars! Let your inner asphalt addict out for a rambunctious round of rubber road rage!

Turtle Train

Choo Choo With The Turtle!
Go choo choo with the turtle! Fun track ride just for the little ones to enjoy. The mini turtle rotates in a circle at a kid-friendly speed as the turtles slowly go ahead. As they say, slow and steady wins the race!

Little Pirates

All Hands On Deck!
Ahoy Matey! Let’s play Captain with Sindbad! Come and experience Sindbad’s Voyage on Little Pirates! As you travel over the seas, cast your eyes about and look for the treasure that awaits you aboard!

Jungle Train

Animal Kingdom Galore!
Fun track ride through the mini jungle for our little explorers! Junior riders will love being able to choose their favorite boogie and go on an epic mini jungle safari.

Break Dance

Twist and Spin Aplenty!
This classic scrambler will spin you so fast you won’t remember if you’re coming or going! A whirling ride with gondolas that spin and the turntable twists. Feel the rush of wind as you spin and flare on Breakdance!


Rough Weather Ahead!
The clue is in the name… There’s no calm in the eye of this storm! A raging vortex and you are the spin doctor! Whirl and swing through the air and around on Tornado!


Get ready to fly like a jumbo jet without the jetlag! ✈️
Hop aboard Dumbo and take a whimsical ride through the clouds. ☁️ Just hold on tight, because this elephant's got some serious flapping skills!
Saddle up for a whimsical adventure in the Sindbad Wonderland Gulshan sky!

4D Cinema

A Different Dimension!
Immerse yourself in the action with the characters that whisk you away, at our 4D Cinema! The cinema combines the best of 3D with incredible moving seats, water showers and lights that interact with the films, creating amazing sensations for the spectators.

Max flight

Live the Moment!
Spirals, loops, straight shots down the rails, that end in multiple spirals or combo twists – it will leave you feeling exhilarated! This incredible machine will guarantee you a safe, yet unforgettable ride. It flips and rotates for a wild virtual coaster experience.

OL’ Western

Wild Wild West!
Hop aboard on a wild escapade! You aren’t gonna skip the old west, are you? Hang onto your gold and valuables just in case you’re ambushed by desperados!

Honey Pot

Let’s Go, Honey!
Whirl around as you gobble with delight, round and round around the sweet Honey Pot! Join our bear for some scrummy honey, on the spin-masterpiece. You can feel what it’s like to be that twirling bee!

Speed “X”

The Thrill Of The Drive!
Enjoy the fastest fun around when you zip around racey curves on our bikes at our established Speed X Track! Have the need for speed? The buggy bikes never fail to please! Slingshot past fellow drivers to the checkered flag and be victorious!


Be In Control!
Experience the thrill on Venturer! Visit today for the ride of a lifetime on the great simulator motion ride! Step into the world of Venturer, where the line between what’s real and what’s not gets blurred.


Most Lethal Action
Feeling adventurous? Can you take the bounce and bumps of Tagada? There’s no holding back! Hold on tight, as the ride spins and bounces from the tilt of the disc, for the ultimate adrenaline rush!